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Hospitals Lincolnshire Working Towards Screening All Elective Patients For MRSA, England

June 17, 2013 – 00:00

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Hospitals in Lincolnshire are taking a pro-active approach to battling infections
by screening patients for MRSA on admission.

At the moment, the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust screens patients
for MRSA who are admitted as an emergency and other groups dependant
upon the types of procedures to be undertaken.

Now the trust is working towards screening all elective patients for the
infection, on admission, by March 2009. This announcement comes as part of
Hand in Hand month – an East Midlands-wide campaign to raise awareness
of infection prevention and control within the NHS.

Senior Infection Control Nurse at ULHT, Charmian Hutson, said: “The
transmission of MRSA and the risk of MRSA infection can only be addressed
effectively if measures are taken to identify MRSA carriers as soon as they
come into hospital and treat them immediately.

“This requires screening of patients for MRSA either before or on admission to
identify carriers. This means that then a decolonisation regime, including
giving patients an antibacterial shampoo and body wash together with an
antibacterial nasal cream, can be implemented at an early stage, ” she said.
“We find that detecting and treating those who are carrying infections as early
as possible is an effective way of cutting MRSA rates- and it’s working. In the
last year, rates of MRSA in our hospital have been cut by 37%.”



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  • Avatar klsy_nash How many cases of MRSA would you have to have for school to be closed?
    Oct 06, 2007 by klsy_nash | Posted in Infectious Diseases

    My school has had about 3-5 cases of MRSA staph infection. Should we still be in school? They supposably sprayed the school with something but 1 more person got it after they sprayed. I've been using hand sanatizer A LOT. I just don't think they should be risking more people by keeping us in school. I know only a little bit about MRSA and understand it's dangerous.

    • Believe me, the MRSA scare has really been blown out of proportion by the media. MRSA has been around since the 1960's and probably before that...they just didn't know what to call it.

      MRSA stands for methi …ew. People are keeping kids home from school because of it. If a person takes the proper precautions they can avoid getting the "super bug". If a person gets MRSA, there are treatments.

      Good Luck.